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This is the NaNoWriMo storytelling wiki!


To begin, click here:




...then click on one of the links. Keep going until you find a link that opens blank page, then start writing!


You can also edit pages other people have written, but try not to do so except to add links (by putting square brackets around things). If someone else has written it, it should stand. In the same vein, be sure to pepper your own writing with links that other people can fill in.


Introduction To This Game


Hey all, third-time participant here, hopefully third-time winner, with yet another hopefully entertaining little time waster.


I've created a wiki at PBwiki, at this address: http://nanowrimo.pbwiki.com/

The edit password is: nano2005


For those of you who don't know.... If you log in using the above password, then practically all pages have a button on them that says uEdit This Page[/u]. Click on that, and you'll get a big text box with the page's contents in it. You can make any changes you want to it, without restriction... but if you trash or deface it, anyone can go back in and change them back. If this gets to be too great a problem we may change the password and email it to participants, but we're *hoping* people will play nice.


If, when editing a page, you put square brackets around a piece of text like this, then when you submit the changes that text will automatically be turned into a hyperlink to the page in the wiki with the same title. If there isn't yet a link, then iclicking on that link will create a new page![/i] Don't worry about making pages accidently, however, as there's plenty of room. Feel free to make whatever pages you want, and fill them with whatever stuff you want. That's what the wiki is for.


There's other magic stuff you can put into wiki pages too; the WikiStyle link on the front page will take you to a nice list of them.


More On The Game


The idea is to use this wiki as an exercise in collaborative storytelling. Here's how I'm thinking it'd work:


1. Find a link on one of the pages. The WikiStory page contains nothing but links. Click on one.

2. If the page already has something written in it, look for a link on it that you'd like to write about and click that. If it's already got a page, then keep going until you find a blank page.

3. Start writing! Try to make what you write fit the context of the previous page; that is, if the link you followed involved someone named Hector, then make what you write about not just any old Hector, but 'that' Hector. Note that this does not mean what you write has to be consistent with everything else on the site. Think of each page as the subject of its own little spotlight of consistancy: it should agree with everything linked from it (your responsibility, unless they're empty links) and everything linked to it (their responsibility). As far as consistency goes, all the other pages can take a running jump if you wish.

4. As you write, put square brackets around things other people might want to write about, especially things you mention in passing. That way, other people can add to what you've written easily!

5. If you reach a page that contains no links, shame on them. If there's something you want to write about that has no link, click _Edit This Page_ and add the square brackets to their work yourself.

6. Feel free to 'cross link' between pages. If someone wrote something you loved and you want to refer to that, then just put that page's title in square brackets in your own writing; it'll automatically link to the new page.


Things to keep in mind:

Try to expand upon what others have written. By clarifying what others have said, or adding extra, explanatory information, you can effectively continue the larger, group story, instead of telling your own.

However, remember: this is not Wikipedia. Nothing of what you write needs to be factual.

Don't tell everything: leave something for other people to fill in.

Don't be afraid to be weird, but try to make it so others can add their own stuff.

Keep it short, or at least not very long. This isn't a hard rule, but more of a suggestion, but try not to go over five pages for any one page.

Don't create links that say, effectively, _Click Here For Part Two_. The title of each page should make sense as the title of what's written on that page.

Also, if you use a word that you want to make a link multiple times on a page, you don't have to make them all links. Just the first use on the page will be enough.

You retain the rights to whatever you write, but by putting it on the wiki, you're obviously implying that you own the rights to it, and of course you're granting the site the right to have it there.


This is all subject to change of course, as problems arise and things happen. That's okay. Just don't worry and have fun with it!


If you're interested in more fun of this nature, you may very well enjoy playing Lexicon, another writerly game that uses wiki software. Check out the Wikipedia page on it at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lexicon_%28game%29


If you're interested in more serious (to various degrees) ideas along these lines, there's always Wikipedia and Everything, at:




Introduction To Wiki

  • WhatWikiIs - history and explanation
  • WikiStyle - find out how to edit wikis
  • SandBox - play around here to figure out how to edit wiki pages

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